Mole Valley Access Group

Striving to improve accessibility in the community

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About Mole Valley Access Group

Mole Valley Access Group is an independent organisation supported by Mole Valley District Council that strives to ensure residents and visitors to Mole Valley who have disabilities find their time in the District to be as accessible as possible.

The Aims of Mole Valley Access Group


  1. To promote the needs of disabled people in Mole Valley, principally focusing on access issues and lobbying providers to improve accessibility.
  2. To raise awareness of the needs of disabled people.


The Group will meet on a bimonthly basis with meetings being chaired by a District Councillor. Meetings are not public, but wider audiences may be invited for specific issues. Members of the Group may organise additional meetings or events, although these may not always have district council involvement.


For a list of current members, see the contact page of this website.


  1. Offer practical advice to Mole Valley District Council, Surrey County Council and local businesses concerning disabled access.
  2. Review all relevant planning applications received by Mole Valley District Council for their disability implications and provide views to the Council.
  3. Provide an open forum for raising issues relating to access issues.
  4. Provide a resource for external organisations to discuss disability issues.
  5. Contribute to Mole Valley District Council Equality Impact Assessments, as appropriate.
  6. Invite guest speakers to attend to discuss specific issues.
  7. Make accessible shop awards to a shop in the North of Mole Valley and a similar award in the South of Mole Valley which during the past 12 months has shown care in designing its facility with disabled people in mind.

Access Award Scheme

On Monday 13 October 2014 at Leatherhead Theatre, Mole Valley Access Group launched a scheme in order to recognise the efforts local businesses go to in order to make their premises more accessible.

The launch was attended by Clive Wood, Chief Executive of Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership, who encouraged businesses to support the initiative by doing what is practically achievable to improve both premises and service provision for all customers. In the UK the disposable income of people with disabilities is estimated to be in the region of £80 billion, therefore it made good business sense to ensure that local goods and services can be accessed by all.

The first Scheme awards were presented to Leatherhead Theatre, in recognition of alterations made to the seating arrangements to accommodate those with disabilities, and to the Dorking branch of Costa Coffee for the recent installation of a lift, enabling safe and secure access for wheelchair users.

If your business would like to get involved in the scheme, simply complete the request form on the Access Awards Scheme page of this website

There is a ‘Good Access’ sticker for those who meet all the criteria and a ‘Happy to Help’ sticker for those who do as much as they can but have restrictions because of circumstances beyond their control.

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